I barely remember unfolding to stand.  A burst of music sounded and the platform I stood on began to rotate and rise. The colors and light transformed to a lavishly decorated room and the astonished, excited faces of a group of attractive young men. I blinked and remembered to smile.

They were beautiful! Each different—light, dark , brunette and red-haired with flashing eyes of assorted colors. The rotation slowed to a stop and the music softened. I stared down at them, trying to be as beautiful as they were. They drew nearer, arms reaching out to pull me from my perch. Oh! It was a party and I was the present. Understanding blossomed as warm hands helped me from the cake.

“Jeez Victor, you’re so fucking lucky! It’s an 801 and brand spanking new! Fuck look at him …I’d fuck him. Hey you don’t suppose…” The dark–haired boy leered at me before he glanced over his shoulder, looking for someone who was not clustered around me. Someone I couldn’t make out because a tall redhead and a lanky, green-eyed boy with a calculative grin were blocking my view.

Their touches to my arms and chest sent tiny thrilling shivers to my pleasure neurons. I stopped smiling and took a step back. Something cool and sticky met my butt sending my companions into peals of laughter.

“Tatterson, you better get over here, your new toy looks upset and his ass looks good enough to eat for sure, now. Pretty boy has coated it with frosting just for you.” The redhead’s comment brought more laughter and the boys drew back to let a newcomer through.

Oh. He was beautiful. Smaller than the others who all looked to be in their late teens. His hair was nearly white, so blond was he. Mid length it embraced his well-shaped head in a cluster of curls. The lovely ringlets and his short stature made him appear younger than the others. His claret colored eyes were huge, with oddly dark fringed lashes that furthered the illusion of youth. They held a quiet, studious almost sober expression before he saw me. I caught a look of genuine surprise, then a glisten of tears before a mask of disdain wiped the flush from his cheeks. His voice was soft velvet threaded with iron, a possessive growl.

“No way in hell, Mahoney… this one’s all mine.”

He drew nearer until we stood abreast. I was barely an inch taller than he. A neatly manicured hand reached out and stroked my hair, sending a rush of heat to my every nerve. Those magnificent eyes met mine fleetingly, then roamed my features freely… examining his gift. I felt myself tense, but a preference must have kicked in for suddenly I relaxed and cast my eyes down.

“Well aren’t you the beautiful one.”

His words were a hushed whisper for my ears only and the intimacy brought a flush to my cheeks. I blinked and suddenly could hold his gaze. Wondrous flecks of burgundy were hidden in the auburn depths and tiny slivers of gold gleamed and winked, nestled against huge pupils. I managed to break the spell his eyes cast and smiled.

“Damn.” he swore.

I frowned at his recoil, certain I had done something wrong. I would be returned! Mustering my courage I said, “Happy birthday, Vic-tor.”

Excerpt from Doll Drone, a yaoi mystery scifi WIP “…it’s my birthday, it’s my birthday”

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